Bones Don’t Lie on Hiatus

Dear Readers,

Writing Bones Don’t Lie over the past six years has been one of the highlights of my archaeological career. I loved getting to share with you all the newest finds and discoveries in the field, the debates and controversies, the exciting technological developments, and more. I loved your comments and discussion, and you provided me with much-needed support throughout my dissertation.

But things have changed. I’m no longer a graduate student studying a range of mortuary related topics that allows for easy discussion online. I’m no longer living in an academic environment that gives me the flexibility to write these articles throughout the week. And I’m no longer one of two writers of this type of blog- there are many fantastic bioarchaeology out there now.

I have graduated, found a career that I love in a different field, and have started a life in a new state. Where does Bones Don’t Lie fit into this? I’m not sure yet. So I’m taking a break from the blog.

All of the content will remain accessible on the website for now, but for the moment there will not be new content. For that, I suggest checking out one of these amazing sites:

I hope you continue to enjoy the past content, and check out my new project, Digital Lark, my explorations within digital engagement.


6 responses to “Bones Don’t Lie on Hiatus

  1. Sad to see you go, but happy to know you’re moving into a new chapter in life! I wrote about your blog in my own post on blogs to read, and find your work very insightful. Hope you come back once you’ve settled down a bit more. Perhaps this blog could become more of a casual hobby. Mine is. Good luck and congrats from History is Interesting!

  2. I agree, I really hope you can continue to write Bones Don’t Lie in some capacity – this is one of the blogs that made me start! But I also understand where you are coming from. My own blog entries have definitely branched out more after the Masters degree, but I enjoy being able to write about bioarchaeology in a variety of ways. Good luck in your new job and I look forward to reading more about your new projects, as well as delving into BDL’s older entries!

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