Presenting at University of Michigan

Today I am off to Ann Arbor today to present on my experience with excavating cinerary urns over the summer to the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology. You can see details about the presentation on their website here. Here is my abstract for the presentation:

This presentation will discuss the excavation of cinerary urns from the site of Isola Sacra, outside of the Rome, Italy. This work was part of a larger examination of the nature of mortuary sites with co-occurrence of burial forms, specifically cremation and inhumation. Cremation and inhumation are generally interpreted as representing different cultural and religious traditions that vary by population or time. Therefore, co-occurrence of these burial forms potentially indicates cultural and social differences of individuals interred. With a lack of research on cremation and co-occurrences of different mortuary forms, sites having these characteristics have been understudied. However, such sites deserve attention in order to create more nuanced interpretations of mortuary behavior. While the excavation was revealing, it was more informative as to the nature of early archaeological work and the problem of cremation research, rather than the initial study question regarding co-occurrence.

Basically, I’m going to be talking about my summer research (which you were privy to parts of in my Bones Don’t Lie, Bones Abroad posts on Florence, Ostia, Tombs of San Callisto and Cremations). While I did share some of my thoughts about working with cremation remains and doing internal excavation, I never shared my results. This will be the first presentation of this segment of my research. I won’t be sharing details at the moment, but following the presentation I will write up a fuller post on what was presented!

And if you happen to be in Ann Arbor, come to the presentation and say hi!

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