Happy Holidays from the Saturnalia Skeleton!

Just kidding, its just an illustration of the Italian ‘vampire’ skeleton but with a present instead of a rock! Enjoy the holidays, and stay tuned for more Bones Don’t Lie content in the New Year!


In case you need some morbid and awesome posts for the season, check out these back posts on excavating Santa and gifts for the dead! There are also some great seasonal posts from other amazing bloggers!

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Gifts for the Dead by Bones Don’t Lie

Not Just For Kissing: Medicinal Uses of Mistletoe by The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice, Lindsey Fitzharris

Bones of St. Nicholas Reveal What Santa Really Looked Like by Kristina Killgrove

Gift this, Not that- Bone Clones vs Skulls Unlimited by Kristina Killgrove

Christmas Gifts for Osteologists by Jess Beck

Ask a Mortician’s Holiday Special: Gruesome Christmas Monster Showdown by Sarah Troop & Caitlin Doughty


One response to “Happy Holidays from the Saturnalia Skeleton!

  1. Hi Katy. Michigan State University plans to add significantly to its existing human skeletal collection within the next 48 hours. It is Alabama vs. Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl tomorrow. After an encounter with Derrick Henry and the Crimson Tide, about all that will be left of the Michigan State football players will be their bones. But hey, the MSU paleopathologists will have a field day assessing the bone trauma. Are you going to the big game?

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