Society for American Archaeology Annual Conference

Austin, TX, via Flickr user E.  Schipul

Austin, TX, via Flickr user E. Schipul

This week is the annual Society for American Archaeology conference in Austin, TX. At the meeting, I’m lucky enough to be involved in a number of great talks and forums this year, and excited to meet up with archaeologists from around the world.

Session: Place and Space in a Digital Landscape: New Perspectives on Analyzing and Sharing Geospatial Data in Archaeology

Thursday, April 24, Room: 13AB (ACC) Time: 9:45 AM – 12:00 PM

My Presentation at 10:30 AM- Linking the Spaces of Resting Places: GIS, Anglo-Saxon Archaeology and Linked Open Data

Abstract- Placing the dead in space, both within the broader landscape and in relationship to one another, has important cultural and social implications. Spatial placement can denote broader social status, the aspirational goals of the individual and mourners, religious or ancestral beliefs, or may be indicative the community’s relationship to the deceased. The importance of space within mortuary archaeology has been recognized for the past half century, and geographic information systems (GIS) has become an integral part of contemporary mortuary research projects. Despite this, primary spatial data are rarely shared, published, or stored in shareable formats. This inhibits the growth of mortuary spatial studies by forcing constant recreation of digital spatial data and skews analysis to those few data sets that are readily available. Linked open data (LOD) provides a much needed approach for archaeological studies of the deceased. Access and standardization would decrease redundancies and increase the number of analyses done, sharing would improve the sample size available, and linking would allow for connections between data sets to be made more efficiently. However, there are numerous challenges of sharing spatial LOD from mortuary sites that need to be addressed. Using Anglo-Saxon burial practices as a case study, I argue that despite these challenges, mortuary archaeology and the spatial analysis of cemeteries would benefit greatly from the implementation of LOD.

Session- Blogging Archaeology, Again

Saturday, April 26, Room: 9B (ACC)Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Presentation- Discussant

If you’ve followed along with the Blogging Archaeology Carnival, then you already know all about this session. Blogging Archaeology is becoming something much larger than just sharing information- its a form of publication, engagement and outreach. Since the first Blogging Archaeology in 2011, the number of archaeologists has tripled. At this session, participants will be discussing the wide range of issues, topics and benefits of blogging archaeology. I will use my time to summarize and discuss their findings, as well as discuss the Blogging Carnival in general.

**Also, don’t forget the Blogging Archaeology party! Thursday, April 24th at The Liberty, 1618 1/2 East Sixth St beginning at 5 PM.**

DDIG Lightning Talk

Friday, April 25, Room: 414 (HA) Time: 12:45 PM – 1:30PM

The DDIG Lightning Talks are a series of 3-minute presentations on digital projects. I am going to be the first participant, and will be sharing a live demo (if I can get internet to work) of ieldran: The Early Anglo-Saxon Cemetery Mapping Project.

More information on the session visit:

Campus Archaeology Program Info Session

Since becoming a graduate student at MSU, I have been involved in the Campus Archaeology Program, which protects and mitigates the archaeological heritage of MSU. We are having an informational gathering to meet with other similar groups as well as answer questions about our program. Anyone interested in starting a program like this at their campus or already has a program or is just interested is welcome to come!

When/Where: Thursday (April 24th), 4-6pm, Hilton Garden Inn, Red River Room


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