Taking my PhD Comprehensive Exams!

imagesUpdate: I Passed My Exams! Thank you everyone for your support!

Next week on Monday and Wednesday, I am going to be taking my comprehensive exams. Each day, I will spend eight hours writing on the topics of Mortuary Archaeology and Early Medieval Europe. In total, I will probably end up writing about 40 pages! At the end of the process, I will have to defend these in an oral exam. That means that I am spending all of this week studying for the exams and preparing to write the papers.

While I am super excited to be moving forward in my PhD program, I am also very nervous and need to focus. That means I’m going to be taking a two week break from writing Bones Don’t Lie. We will return to the normal bi-weekly publishing schedule on November 18th!

Until then, here’s some other morbid and archaeological websites to check out!

Powered by Osteons: Written by a bioarchaeologist, and includes a wonderful series that breaks down episodes from ‘Bones’.

Morbid Anatomy: This website discusses art, medicine, death and human remains. It is visually stunning, and often talks about events you can attend.

Strange Remains: Written by a forensic anthropologist, with news from the discipline.

These Bones of Mine: This site includes a great segment on human bones for people new to the discipline, and the writer is an Osteoarchaeologist.

The Order of the Good Death: Written by morticians and other guest bloggers, this site has wonderful insight into modern death.

Archaeodeath: This blog is dedicated to study of the British world, with a specific focus on death and is written by an archaeologist.

Wish me luck, and I’ll see you all back here November 18th!

21 responses to “Taking my PhD Comprehensive Exams!

  1. Luck, but also fate and free will: you know you are fated to pass because everything you have been doing leads up to this point. However, if you didn’t study you would not pass. But you will.

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