Bones Abroad: Central England

Over the next two weeks, I will be featuring a number of posts regarding my travels throughout Central England. I am visiting a number of museums, archaeological sites and universities in as part of my pre-dissertation research. My research is focused on Anglo-Saxon cemeteries, and I need to collect data on a number of sites from around the region. Hopefully, I will return from my travels with enough data to propose a dissertation! Of course, I will be featuring a number of sites and museums with mortuary related artifacts, morbid tourist attractions, and cemeteries that you too can visit.

Cemetery in Cornwall, via Flickr user John47kent

Cemetery in Cornwall, via Flickr user John47kent

My first stop is the Oakington Dig located in Cambridgeshire. The site dates from the fifth and sixth century, and includes portions of a cemetery and potentially a settlement site. Evidence of both earlier and later occupation is also found at the site. Over the past seasons, over 100 burials have been located- oddly enough most are female and sub-adult, a rare pattern for this type of site. They’ve also excavated burials that include a cow and a horse.

Next, I’m off to Peterborough to visit the local museum for some research. However, where I am staying in Fotheringhay has a slightly darker history with its relationship to Mary, Queen of Scots, and her final days.

From here, I’m off to York, a city with great infamy on my own blog as it seems to consistently be the location for dozens of fascinating burials including numerous Viking and Roman individuals. This is the site for the infamous gladiator burials. But its also home to some amazing crypts and undercrofts that will need to be explored.

My next stop is Warwickshire for another research stop. Beyond the more tourist experience of the Warwick Castle dungeons, which bring to life the torture chambers and horrors of dungeons, there are other great mortuary related places. These include Norman era crypts and a tomb with lead coffins.

After this, I head to Chester to tour some archaeological sites and another research stop. Here there are also some great chances to chase down some fantastic ghost stories and visit the underground Roman city.

Finally, my last days abroad are spent in London to complete my research trip. But London has some amazing dark secrets and cemeteries to explore as well along with the more well known tourist locations.

Starting tomorrow there will be full write-ups about my travels, stay tuned!


4 responses to “Bones Abroad: Central England

  1. Hi Katy. You are going to almost all the sites that I have been as a re enactor. So I will be extremely interested in your posts when you return Looking forward to the one about Mary Queen of Scots. Warwick Castle is amazing . Enjoy your research.

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