Update and Call for Guest Posts

Hello readers! Hope that the end of your semester or year is going well and that you’re getting excited about the holiday season. You may have noticed that I haven’t quite been keeping up with the 2x a week posting. That’s because I’m moving forwards on my PhD process and will soon be taking my exams! This means I’m femur deep in a variety of text books and journal articles, feverishly trying to write up a 150 source annotated bibliography required prior to taking my comprehensive exams. Due to this, I’m only going to be doing one post a week for the next couple weeks.

To keep the content coming, I’d love to post some of your work! I’m looking for guest authors to write up their news and commentary on new mortuary archaeology and bioarchaeology topics. Posts should be around 700 to 800 words long, and can be emailed to me: kmeyers35@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing your opinions!

4 responses to “Update and Call for Guest Posts

  1. Even one a week is a good turnout given their quality! I still owe you my musings on burial site looting from an archaeological perspective. I’ll be in touch 🙂

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