Winter 2012 Society for Archaeological Sciences Bulletin

Hot off the digital presses, you can now read the Winter 2012 bulletin for the Society for Archaeological Sciences free here:

In this issue of the bulletin, my article is discussing the role that climate plays in bioarchaeological and mortuary archaeology studies. Climate is one of those contextual factors that can easily be overlooked, or assumed to be similar to the climate in which the site was excavated. However, we know that there are drastic changes in weather that can affect health or change cultural patterns. In this article I discuss three innovative articles and projects that are using the climatic context to better interpret their work.

As usual, if you have any announcements, conferences, special lectures, books or papers that you would like to have mentioned or reviewed for the article, just let me know! The bulletin is not just another forum for my perspective and ramblings, it is a place for you to learn about what is going on in the archaeological sciences. Feel free to contact me with anything you feel may be pertinent to the article and should be included.

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