Reporting from the SAA 2012 Conference

The national conference for the Society for American Archaeology is taking place April 18th to 21st, 2012 in Memphis, TN. Not only are there a number of symposia and poster sessions on mortuary archaeology and bioarchaeology, but it will also be the first year I am presenting a paper. The symposium is titled “Unique Mortuary Rites: Interpretative Challenges and Opportunities for Non-Modal Funerary Practices”, and will take place in Ballroom C from 1:00 – 4:15 pm. I am going to be discussing co-occurrence of cremation and inhumation at mortuary sites, using Isola Sacra as a case study at 1:15 pm. Hopefully some of you will be there to see the presentation, if not I’m going to try to post a version of it following the conference.

I will also be tweeting thoughts and quotes from various mortuary presentations @bonesdonotlie and you can follow the SAA back channel on Twitter at #SAA77 or #SAA2012. After each day I will be posting s summary and discussion of relevant mortuary archaeology talks and posters.

Are you going to be attending the SAA 2012 meetings? Feel free to comment and post your own summaries and musings about the conference!

One response to “Reporting from the SAA 2012 Conference

  1. Wish I was! Alas, I am too busy digging up the occasional stone tool/flake from a big hole somewhere in central New South Wales, Australia….far from the bones/burials I love. Hope your talk went well, and look forward to your updates.

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