Supporting Bones Don’t Lie

This year for my mid-term review I am going to be submitting my blog as a publication. You can see my whole proposal and how I intend to do this on GradHacker: Taking a Chance- My Blog as a Publication. This initiative has spawned from a number of scholarly discussions about the role of the blog, and whether it should count towards promotion and tenure. The most influential for my was a post by Greg Downey on the PLOS blog Neuroanthropology: Blogging for Promotion- An Immodest Proposal. He proposes that scholars write letters of support or endorsements for one another in order to show the impact and validity of the blog as a scholarly publication.

If you would like to support Bones Don’t Lie, please head over to my review by peers page and write a comment about my blog. I’m looking at this as a form of support, recommendation, but also post-publication peer review.  Since my review is due December 9th, that only gives about three weeks for supporting letters (which is short notice). If you think this blog is a quality and valid form of scholarly publication, I would greatly appreciate your support.

Thank you to all my readers for supporting me so far. Hopefully this will be one step forward in the recognition of blogs as a legitimate form of scholarly communication and publication.


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