Update on Leatherman and Mona Lisa

I recently wrote about the Leatherman and Mona Lisa being exhumed in order to study their remains. With the completion of both excavations, new information on what was found and how they will be studied has been revealed.

The Leatherman’s grave was excavated last week, and all that was found was coffin nails. An article in the Washington post contains footage of the reburial of the coffin nails and discussion of the Leatherman. “The Leatherman was a mystery in life and he’s going to be a mystery in death”. See the article and video here: NY historians find new, peaceful gravesite for mysterious leatherclad wanderer from 1800’s.

Lisa Gherardini has been identified as being the Mona Lisa, and investigator’s plan to use facial reconstruction to prove this. Killgrove’s (2011) assessment of the skull of Mona Lisa discusses the potential problems of this type of research. Read her article here: Skull with the Mona Lisa Smile. Hopefully the facial reconstruction will proceed speedily and we will know whether this is truly the Mona Lisa so that her remains can be reburied.

2 responses to “Update on Leatherman and Mona Lisa

  1. One is really waiting anxiously about the outcome as to the facial reconstruction of Lisa Gherardini, as Mona Lisa has been the lifetime obsession of the world. In case you know some thing early, please let us know.

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