My Past In Studying The Past

I am currently being featured on University of Edinburgh’s website as a graduate of the MSc Program. In the quick blurb, I talk about my experience at the university and what it has done for me in my current line of study as a mortuary archaeologist in a PhD program. My initial reasoning for attending the university was to gain the methodological skills that would be necessary to continue my studies, and also to experience the world in a different way. I spent a large amount of time in the UK throughout my childhood, so getting the opportunity to live their was both a comfortable transition and a realized dream.

Standing outside of my archaeology building in Edinburgh

While at the University of Edinburgh, I got the chance to work with skeletal materials and professionals who I never would have had access to had I not been a part of the university. It was an incredible experience, and it is what has shaped me as a researcher today. While I did learn the main curriculum of skeletal identification and analysis, it also taught me an important lesson in international collaboration. I quickly noticed that my training in the States was vastly different than my training in the UK. Techniques and methods I had taken for granted as ‘the word’ were questioned and compared against new methods and different variations. It taught me that you need to look all over the world to see what work is being done and not rely on single sources of information.

My advice for students in undergrad looking to go into archaeology for a PhD… get a masters from somewhere that is going to change your perspective and open up your worldview. Better yet, go to Edinburgh!

To see the biosketch and read the article go to their website at:

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