Other Publications

In addition to ‘Bones Don’t Lie’, I am currently an associate editor for the SAS bulletin, involved in other projects and publications where I write and participate in.

The Society for Archaeology Sciences releases a bulletin quarterly that updates members of the society on current events and news in the field. I serve as the associate editor for the bioarchaeology section.

I am a founder and co-editor of GradHacker, a collaborative blog for grad students and by grad students. It addresses a variety of topics on how to hack grad life, in other words how to make it easier. I serve as the editor and a contributing author. This blog is now part of Inside Higher Ed’s Blog U.

CAP_Garamond2aCampus Archaeology Program at Michigan State University: This group serves as the CRM and public archaeology division at MSU, protecting and educating about the archaeological resources on campus. Throughout the year they educate on the community archaeology ongoings, conduct fieldwork, and in the summer teach a field school. I am currently the campus archaeologist for this program.

On Past Horizons I have also done a number of blog posts based on posts here and from the CHI project. Past Horizons: Open Access ArchaeologyWari Mortuary PracticesNeanderthal Burial Practices?The First Pilgrim BurialsMassacres in Ancient TurkeyUsing Burials Sites to Gauge the Effects of Romanization in BritainNew Methods for Tomb ExcavationFracture Treatment in Iron Age and Roman BritainNative American connection to 40,000 year old human in northwest ChinaPalaeopathology: Two recent case studiesThe ill-fated voyage of the BataviaTaphonomic Analysis of Neolithic Seated Burials

Past Publications and Collaborations

Cultural Heritage Informatics Initiative at Michigan State University: This initiative is designed to integrate the humanities with digital projects, such as online museums or production of wikis. In 2011, I was a fellow in the program. You can also check out the field school site which I was the teaching assistant for here: CHI Fieldschool.

I have written for Play the Past, a collaborative blog that explores the intersection of gaming/meaningful play and cultural heritage. I wrote primarily about the use of archaeology in video games and how games can be used to teach archaeology.

On ProfHacker is a blog on the Chronicle which discusses various ways to hack academia and life. I’ve done a number of guest posts including: Using Twitter and QR Codes at Conferences, Dawn of the Grad, and Announcing GradHacker

At Then Dig I wrote a post on Distance: What Distance Taught me in Bioarchaeology

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