Curriculum Vitae


State University of New York Geneseo, 2008, BA in Anthropology Cum Laude

University of Edinburgh, 2010, MSc in Human Osteoarchaeology, Distinction

Michigan State University, Current PhD Graduate Student in Anthropology

Field and Lab Experience: I have been on a number of archaeological digs consisting of excavations at a historic farmhouse, a Hopewell settlement site, medieval cemetery, and CRM work for both MSU and Upstate NY. In addition to this, I have done bioarchaeological and archaeological lab work on a historic NYC population, cremation remains from medieval UK, cremation urns from the Roman Empire, Italy, and various identification for CRM related projects.

Campus Archaeologist: Leads excavation, Research and works closely with the campus to mitigate and protect archaeological resources, Fall 2011- Present, MSU, MI

Cultural Heritage Informatics Fellow: Use of digital platforms in cultural heritage, Spring 2011- Fall 2011, MSU, MI

Campus Archaeology Fellow: Excavation, Research and GIS, Fall 2010- Summer 2011, MSU, MI

Edinburgh City Volunteer: Human and Faunal Cremation Identification,  Fall 2009- Spring 2010, University of Edinburgh, UK

Spring Street Project: Commingled Remains Identification, Summer 2009, Syracuse University, NY

Cultural Resource Management: Assistant Archaeologist, Summers 2007-2008, Morton Archaeology, NY

Slavia Project: Mortuary Archaeology Field School, Summer 2007, Adam Mickiewiecz University, Poland

Lady’s Run: Hopewell Settlement Site Excavation and Teaching Assistant, Summer 2007, SUNY Geneseo, OH

Brown’s Bottom: Hopewell Settlement Site Excavation, Summer 2006, SUNY Geneseo, OH

Bittner Farmstead: Historic Household excavation, Summer 2005, Monroe Community College, NY

Skills: Throughout my training I have picked up a variety of skills relating to archaeology, including Geographic Information Systems, archaeological illustration, and training in the identification of human and animal remains. I am currently learning a variety of digital platforms including WordPress, Mediawiki and serious gaming modification. I have a basic knowledge of HTML 5 and French.

I was featured on the University of Edinburgh’s Career Pages:

You can get my full CV here:

One response to “Curriculum Vitae

  1. Greetings! Thanks for this informative summary post re mort/bioarch at the recent SAAs, which I unfortunately had to miss (being based in Australia). I only now stumbled accross your blog, but I like what I’ve read. One question: Did any of the presentations in our field focus on Southeast or East Asian sites? I currently work in Vietnam, and am hoping to organize such a session for either the Nashville or Honolulu conferences, so I don’t want to miss anyone :) For now, keep up the good work! If you wish, I’d appreciate your adding my blog to your roll (and I’ll do the same). It’s antiquities trade/looting focused, but I’m working on being more regular in updating it (grad student, too!).

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